This is a personal experience. I do not know if I was fortunate or my choice of adding forskolin to antibiotics resulted in my cure. I have been clear of infection for over twelve years now. I would be interested in hearing from those who have followed my pathway. I have been stimulated to produce this page after reading an October 31, 2008, Medscape Medical News report titled: 'Best Practices to Treat Urinary Tract Infections Reviewed'. This article did not mention forskolin. I do feel it was an important part of my cure and if this information could help others it will have been well worth telling my story.
For those with a persistent, recurrent, urinary tract/prostate infection.
My story
If you have suffered the agony of a urinary tract infection you have my full empathy. I experienced the pain of acute prostatitis, hospitalization, inadequate resolution, and almost a month of despair and fear of future consequences. I consider myself fortunate that I am retired from a career in medical research and so was equipped to leave no possibility overlooked to resolve my problem. In the majority of cases a relatively short duration of antibiotic treatment will resolve urinary tract infections. However for a small minority of patients recurrent and intractable infection can become a nightmare. This article is for such people

In September of 2006 I was devastated to arise one morning and find I was urinating blood. No pain but of course I immediately made an appointment with a urologist and within a short period of time had a cystoscopy (painful), was informed I had a bladder cancer, had the cancer removed, was told it was low grade, had a prostate biopsy (no sign of cancer), and was discharged from hospital pleased that I had found an excellent urologist and the surgical intervention promised me a good prognosis. And indeed it has been to date with three follow-up cystoscopies showing no sign of recurrence. 

However within two weeks of discharge from hospital I began to experience pain on urination and within a day was in an ambulance in agony, with a fever, blood and fear, returning to the hospital. Apparently I had developed acute prostatitis with a probable bacterial origin. Intravenous antibiotics brought my fever down and enabled me to urinate but still with pain every time I urinated. Not as bad as it had been but still I was clearly not cured so I began my search of the medical literature four days later when I was discharged from the hospital on a doxycycline prescription. I was not comforted with what I found. It confirmed what my urologist had told me; that acute prostatitis was often difficult to completely clear, could re-occur, and in extreme cases could only be resolved by removal of the prostate. Of course during my reading I read of the common occurrence of urinary tract infections in women and my heart went out to all women who go through this agony. For women with recurrent urinary tract infections it must be an unending source of pain and fear. 

It became clear to me that re-occurrence was due to a small number of bacteria remaining in places inaccessible to the antibiotic(s), remaining quiescent for some time until a 'quorum' number is reached and then beginning to multiply again. So I turned my attention to the properties of an ancient chinese herbal remedy for pain on urination. The extract of the herb is call Forskolin. Let me make it quite clear that Forskolin has little or no effect against bacteria. However it does have very interesting biological effects in humans. It can relax crevices in tissues where remaining bacteria can evade antibiotics. In this manner the forskolin enables the antibiotics to reach the last refuge of the bacteria.

Forskolin - Wikipedia    Quorum sensing and bacteria - Wikipedia   

Armed with my reading and still suffering pain on urination I returned to my urologist to discuss the approach I wanted to take. He was interested in what I had to say and encouraged me to try it out. I therefore began a regimen of Doxycycline (100 mg, twice a day), Sulfatrim (Septra DS tab., twice a day), and Forskolin (10 mg twice a day, from the Life Extension Foundation). I remained on that regimen for four months, taking yogurt and Activia each day to compensate for the devastation the antibiotics were wreaking on my colon, eating sensibly with broccoli every day and 8 oz of pomegranate juice each day. Whether my baby aspirin, 4 gram of omega-3 fish oils, and 40 mg Zocor each morning contributed with their anti-inflammatory effect I don't know but within a week the pain on urination began to lessen and was gone in two weeks. Continuing for four months was a guess on my part and probably excessive but I had absolutely no intention of allowing any quiescent bacteria establish a quorum and return with that dreadful pain and the risk of surgical removal of my prostate.

It's now been over twelve years since I ended the regimen and I have not had any recurrence. What a relief it has been to me. The Forskolin itself was inexpensive. It cost me less then $10/month from the Life Extension Foundation (logo at the top of this page). May you be as fortunate.

I now have an appreciation of the devastating effects of recurrent prostatitis in men and even more so the potential problems my sisters and aunts and women friends face every day when a urinary tract infection returns and threatens to return again and again. I do hope this personal story will help those who experience such devastating pain.  
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It is now over twelve years since I treated myself with this triple therapy and I have not had a recurrence of prostatitis. I am therefore even more confident that this information could be of real use to others suffering from such a dreadful pain. 
It is my profound hope that telling of my experience on this page will help others.  
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I'm pleased to note that visits to this page are increasing in frequency. I assure you that I have remained free of that dreadful infection. January 5, 2019.
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It's now over twelve years since I've been free of that horrible infection. It pleases me that I've had many people write to me about their own success with this approach. January 5, 2019.